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Court Processes

Stipulated Agreements in Eviction Court

Most eviction cases are resolved without a trial and are settled by a "stipulated agreement." Stipulated means that both sides agree to the terms, without a judge being involved. The linked document discusses the advantages and disadvantages for tenants when entering into stipulated agreements

Sealing Evictions

Renters in the Oregon can erase old eviction records under certain circumstances for free. This guide will help you understand what eviction records qualify for being erased and the steps a tenant needs to take in order to have an eviction record expunged.

Setting Aside a Default Judgement in Eviction Court

This packet contains all of the forms that renters need to ask the court to set aside a default judgment. Renters are required to show up (“appear”) at their eviction cases. If a renter doesn’t show up, the court will enter a default judgment against the renter if the landlord has followed all of the legal requirements for the eviction.

Small Claims Court

If you have a dispute with your landlord and an attorney, housing advocate, or one of these guides suggests enforcing your rights in small claims court, this guide explains the step-by-step process for pursuing a small claims case.

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